Why Subscribe?

Why bother?

Unsure whether it’s worth subscribing? Please read through the list below to better understand what we’re offering here at Life Hacks for Architects. We cover 12 key topic areas;

  1. Design & Planning – basics of concept design, planning and obtaining consent for your projects.
  2. CGI - how to produce stunning visuals for your projects, both realistic for commercial use and stylised for university use.
  3. Students - a dedicated area for those studying or wanting to study architecture. We cover everything from what to expect when starting uni to getting a job in the real world.
  4. On site - we do site vlogs! Full walk-throughs of our live jobs on site, explaining how our drawings turn to reality.
  5. BIM - our weapon of choice is Revit and we cover a range of tips & tricks for this programme. All applied to real projects we’re delivering at RBA.
  6. CAD - sometimes Revit is overkill for a project, so we’ve made sure to include tips & tricks for 2D drawing also, primarily for AutoCAD users. (Although we’re looking into Vector Works)
  7. 3D modelling - if it’s not BIM, it’s SketchUp. From basic modelling right through to complex 3D detailing models for presentation and construction.
  8. Technical - detailed design tips for construction in both 2d and 3d. Something that we think is being under taught currently at universities across the world.
  9. In Practice - tips for running a practice, which would apply to running a team also. Fees, time & people management and so on.
  10. Graphics - we teach how to produce presentations, well designed reports, post production for CGIs and many more graphic design tips.
  11. Virtual Reality - Enscape plug-in for SketchUp & Revit is what we use to produce interactive walk-throughs compatible with HTC Vive & Oculus Rift. We give insights into that.
  12. Requests - We’re creating a community here at LHFA and we want to engage with you. We take requests from our members and within a week or two produce a tutorial on it!

And finally, we have a downloads area full of our working projects, 3d models, drawings and some library stuff like CAD blocks and 3D assets for you to use in your projects!

Still not sure? Check out a sample of our full videos below to give you a taste of what we’re offering in the premium tutorials & downloads area. Remember, you can always ask us a question using the email: